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It would be great to have a history of all actions in JobBoss.  This would be deletions, changes etc

  • Jenn Rytting-MacDonald
  • Sep 19 2017
  • Likely to implement
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  • Jason Thomas commented
    20 May 01:12pm

    I would imagine the difficulty with this is that it is a very resource intensive change. With the two modules currently tracked (Purchasing and Job) the Change_History table is already likely the largest table in your database by orders of magnitude. I would imagine some sort of redesign of how this is handled would be required. A method for admins to purge history meeting chosen criteria would be helpful as well.

    Tracking the routing changes currently generates the most records for us and is arguably the least important.
    Perhaps a poll of users as to what modules and fields are the most appropriate to track would get this project started with some direction.

  • Alex Slowikowski commented
    3 Apr 09:19pm

    When is this going to be updated? It's been 7 years with no implementation, only minimal changes are tracked. JB not keeping up with Customer and industry standards for record keeping.

  • Steve Hartz commented
    15 Feb 05:03pm

    Need to see who receives Items

  • Garry Dodman commented
    27 Nov, 2023 09:32pm

    need to track Sales Order changes including who when with a notes option.

  • Corinne Shemek commented
    2 Jun, 2023 03:06pm

    I am for this option!!!

  • Lori Kollman commented
    27 Apr, 2023 02:10pm

    Need to find out who changed the status of a material, as well as which user scheduled a particular job for Production. When will this request be implemented??

  • Paul Saini commented
    11 Jul, 2022 02:26pm

    How long does it take for something that is likely to implement status to be added to the software? I see this idea was submitted in 2017 and we are in mid 2022 and still no update on when this might get added? There are many others that are in the same boat. Is the Ideas board still a place for feature request or has this been put on the back burner by ECi?

  • James Anschutz commented
    17 May, 2022 01:43pm

    I too agree that at least the SO should have the same history for Header and Detail changes that exists for the Job Entry and PO history.

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2022 05:02pm

    Definitely would welcome a complete history on all changes. Much needed.

    Danny Tawil (J&L)

  • Jody Mannetter commented
    8 Sep, 2021 12:08pm

    I agree with the previous comment. I came from a Vantage/Epicor environment that tracks history and can't believe JobBoss doesn't have this. I have an instance where someone made a change to Inventory. This was a big issue and we have no way of telling who made the change.

  • Jim CUNNINGHAM commented
    16 Aug, 2021 04:21pm

    We really need the ability to see a tracker of date and user that made transactions in Job Boss. Entering or updating Orders, PO's Jobs, Inventory, etc. This feature has been available with Vantage/Epicor for quite a few years, and really should be a feature in any system like this.

  • David Bosso commented
    22 Jun, 2021 06:38pm

    How come we don't have this for a Sales Order like we have in the Jobs & PO module. NEEDED!!!!!!

  • Support MFG Technologies commented
    21 Apr, 2021 12:15pm

    This is something our customer ask frequently since a long time this could be great !

  • Guest commented
    14 Jan, 2021 07:21pm

    we should also have an option on sorting the out put

  • Guest commented
    29 Dec, 2020 12:25pm

    it would also be important to for all transactions done in job boss to be identified by name of the person who initiated that transaction. Great for traceability.

    Thank you

  • Carl Thompson commented
    28 Sep, 2020 03:19pm

    Please log all transactions ... for risk analysis it is becoming critical.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2020 02:21pm

    Would be nice to have the ability to see who received and/or invoiced items on a PO.

  • Bruce Williams commented
    12 May, 2020 06:21pm

    Yes. This is important for quality control.

  • Justin Hollie commented
    12 Sep, 2019 01:24am

    Yes everything should be logged!!!!! It would be great to know who deleted, picked, transferred, ect.

  • Guest commented
    8 Oct, 2017 04:36pm

    JobBOSS Dev - take a look at how uniPoint does this. It works great and it's everywhere. You can even go back to see who deleted something.... 

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