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Add an "Activities tab to other modules i.e. Purchasing, Shipping, PO Receiving.


JobBOSS does not have an "Activities" tab for tracking notes associated to sub categories under the Shipping Module like :

  • Vendor Shipments only have General, Detail and Freight tabs.

  • Customer Returns only have General and Detail tabs.

  • Customer Shipments - Jobs only have General, Jobs, From Inventory and Freight tabs.

It would really be beneficial if an "Activities" tab is available for those modules so we can add LINE specific notes on the fly which we can pull on a Report for Analytical purpose such as Trends.

PO Receiving would also benefit from having an "Activities" tab in cases of damaged packaging, out of spec items and be able to pull those notes on a report and see what parts are consistently having issues.

Purchasing would also benefit from having this tab since there will be various variables / conditions involved with transmitting a Purchase Order to different vendors.


Having an "Activities" tab will enable JobBOSS users to track issues/discrepancies in all stages of the order from job entry, to Purchases made, labor processed, and shipments made.

  • Joey Sanchez
  • Oct 17 2023
  • Future Consideration
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