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Allow auto logout per user rather than a global setting affecting all users

The only option to free up JobBOSS licenses from infrequent users forgetting to log out is to automatically log ALL users out after a specified time period. An improvement to this feature would be to allow auto logout to be specified by user, rather than forcing logout across the company. With an interruption our heavy JobBOSS users can be logged out by the global policy and can lose work if it's not saved. We would like a setting to prevent specified users from being auto logged out.

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  • May 18 2017
  • Future Consideration
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  • Shari Popejoy commented
    25 Apr, 2018 06:09pm

    Agreed. We have a few users that I would like to grant a  'reserved' seat. But then we would need to vote on 'fixing' the loophole that some of our users have discovered to evade the auto-logout.

  • James Hulliberger commented
    22 Jun, 2017 07:18pm

    Same here.  Some users need the license to be available for them, others might simply forget to log out after doing their morning chores.