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Right click to open useful contextual (popup) menus

Right click a data item to open in another module. For instance, in job entry we would like to be able to right click a PO number and open up the PO (purchasing) if we have the user rights. Currently we have to remember (or write the number on scratch paper) open the other module, and type in the number manually. If we could navigate to other modules by right clicking we would save a lot of time.

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  • May 11 2017
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  • Ezra C commented
    28 Jan 06:33pm

    This is a great idea. I like the right click concept. One annoyance i run into with the job hyperlinks in Jobboss 2020 is when I click anywhere in the field with the job number it opens the job. Right click would make this so much better. Or at least make only the text sensative to a click. It is just a bit unhandy to try to resize a column and miss the handle only to find onesself in another module unexpectedly.