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Add a refresh button for each module menu

Sometimes I have a module open, and I need to make a change to another module that will affect the first one.  It would be helpful to be able to refresh the first module after the changes have been made.

  • Kim Kideckel
  • Aug 16 2017
  • Future Consideration
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  • Guest commented
    7 Mar, 2023 08:13pm

    Echo the below sentiment. How has this not been fixed since these inquiries? This has been an issue since version 11.12. Seems silly to constantly open and close modules to get them to refresh the data.

  • Eric Kilbourn commented
    31 May, 2018 02:58pm

     I agree.....   Having to hit  <new> and re-enter job #, packlist #  etc.    is a pain..


    A <Refresh Data> button at the top of each module would be GREAT !!!

  • Guest commented
    21 Dec, 2017 02:02pm

    As a new JobBOSS user this is one of my single biggest frustrations, and was a big stumbling block when it came to learning the software. My team and I kept thinking we were doing things incorrectly when setting up JobBOSS. 

    Most other software we use that links multiple things together (Solidworks, Adobe, etc) will even warn the user when they've made changes to a linked file that should be updated. For example, if I'm entering materials into a job, then switch over to the material master file, save it, and go back to the job, there could be a blinking refresh button and an unobtrusive popup that says "You've made changes in another part of JobBOSS that might effect this module. Please save and refresh this module to see the latest info."

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