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Enlarge or at least darken the font


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  • Jun 19 2017
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  • Randi Crudele commented
    3 May, 2023 04:07pm

    The font size has always been an issue, had to make my screen size bigger so I can see job boss large enough.

  • angie herrera commented
    2 Mar, 2023 06:28pm

    I agree, I stare at this application a lot each day and a dark mode would be great, and honestly for what we pay for this, why is it not a built in option from day 1?

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2020 12:32pm

    a real dark theme would be nice. black background white letters, helps with eye fatigue . i use your program all day everyday and it the only program that does not support this.

  • Guest commented
    4 Feb, 2020 08:52pm

    Why hasn't this happened yet?

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2019 04:27pm

    I would like the custom themes added to the Workstation Driver and DCMobile as well.  Changing to a darker theme with Color buttons helped make the core software usable again, but we do not have this option in Workstation Driver or DCMobile.  Whitewashing the icons on Workstation Driver increased data input errors in our shop to levels higher than when we first implemented Jobboss.  The new interface is difficult to train new employees on as all the visual feedback has been removed.  The big green check box that appeared in older versions when an employee stopped labor been replaced with the text "Stopped".  This has been particularly challenging with non-native English speakers in our shop.  Please bring back the graphical feedback in future versions.

  • Anne B commented
    2 Jan, 2019 03:04pm

    YES PLEASE!!!!  We are so frustrated with the inability to change the font size and are checking out other software because of it.

  • Guest commented
    4 Oct, 2018 05:22pm

    Need ability to change font size on the traveler also

  • Barb kirk commented
    16 Aug, 2018 04:16pm

    Please enlarge the font size!!!!!  Very difficult to work with!!!

  • Guest commented
    17 Apr, 2018 03:40pm

    Feel like the overall appearance in 12.1.2 has taken a step backwards.

  • Kris Swenson commented
    23 Oct, 2017 09:44pm

    Suggest font size increase greater than 8 where applicable, I actually had to move my entire screen closer to my chair in order to see some of the fields.  In the attached file, the Job ID in the top view is fine, job ID in bottom view is not. 

  • Cable Morris commented
    23 Oct, 2017 09:31pm
    • Font is too small!!
  • Ian van Hees commented
    22 Jul, 2017 04:53am

    We have several users who use the scale function in Windows to enlarge the font. Jobboss is not compatible with this function and requires users to use the 100% scaling in Windows instead of 125% or 150%.

  • jd weaver commented
    20 Jul, 2017 03:37pm

    I vote for OPTIONAL changes.  This should be controlled by machine, but if you implement the PUSH install, you need to have a way to push out the Optional configuration separately.  Not everyone needs a larger font.

  • Chris Haar commented
    19 Jul, 2017 03:53pm

    I suggest, rather than just blanket changing the interface, give the user the ability to tweak the interface color, font size, etc., similar to what can be done with Synergy.