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Purchase orders should have revisions

When a purchase order is created, then a change has to be made to the po, there should be a revision number added to or included on the purchase order. This was suggested to us by a quality auditor.

  • Tyra Riley
  • Sep 18 2019
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  • Tim Lindenbach commented
    13 Feb 10:38pm

    I agree that a revision in the PO c/w a histrory of the PO prior to the revision(s) would be great. Same thing in Quote Processing. Our customers always as for revisions in our quotes so a rev box c/w history would be ideal.

  • Jason Thomas commented
    7 Jun, 2023 03:24pm

    It would be nice to be able to view what the different revisions looked like as well. Maybe a right click functionality for the revision field to show the changes made along with the revision that made the change. If you were on Revision C you could see what changed from B to C as well as all the changes since the original.

  • Michael Durand commented
    6 Mar, 2023 08:48pm

    What you are all describing is the revision for each individual line item (which I think should be an option on the main page not on the details tab).. but the PO itself should have a revision box. Preferably not a user defined field because that can easily be missed at the bottom of the page. There are many times where we need to update a PO after it has been processed

  • Suzanna Leland commented
    27 Oct, 2021 12:26am

    This feature is already available for a PO Line, i think it is at the bottom of the PO by Line, Revision Field next to Vendor REference....

  • Michael David commented
    1 Oct, 2019 11:16pm

    This already exists, in the po line item under details there is a revision box. If you add something there the po will say "Revised" and that line number will be revised

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