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Change the color of the Data Collection Clock In and Clock Out buttons to reflect if an employee is on the clock or not.

It would be a very good visual reminder to employees on their status. We have had situations were an employee forgot to clock out according to Data Collection and the employee was asked about it they said there were sure they had clocked out. Yesterday the person that tracks our hours Clocked Out and she thought something looked wrong and she double checked and when she Clocked Out the system clocked her right back in so she Clocked Out again. This is were it would be helpful if the color of the button changed so that before someone exited the system they would have a good visual reminder of their clock status. I would suggest the colors as Clock In the button would be GREEN and Clock Out the Button would be RED.

  • Andy Knebel
  • Jun 19 2019
  • Future Consideration
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  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2019 03:10pm

    Yes. Huge issue for our shop. We have many people clocking in and out multiple times in minutes because they're unsure if they're clocked in or out.