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Lunch, or End of Day button

Some of my operators are logged into 5 or more jobs at one time.  It takes a while to get logged out of each job with default settings, or just by hitting submit, then clock out for lunch, or at the end of the day.  So a lunch, or End of day button would automatically log them out of all their jobs with default entry settings, and clock them out.  Also, back from lunch, or resume would be great so that it would automatically clock them back into the jobs they were in prior to lunch, or when they left for the day.  The less time dealing with interacting with the URL, the more production!

  • Eddie Garcia
  • Oct 19 2017
  • Future Consideration
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  • Clay Nestor commented
    24 Apr, 2020 08:09pm

    Pause button would certanly be nice and utilized.

  • Mineke de Theije commented
    16 Jan, 2018 01:46pm

    pause button?

  • Nick Lindsay commented
    25 Oct, 2017 02:06pm

    Have you tried the Grouping function?