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Copy / Paste using standard Windows functions

It would be really nice if you could copy / paste materials, and routings with CNTRL C and CNTRL V, like every other Windows platform out there.  I find the copy / paste utility to be clunky at best.  I would like to be able to select a single material or routing, or select multiple with CNTRL select or a range with SHIFT select, then go to another job or quote and past them with CNTRL V.  Then to the next component and CNTRL V.    Often times in an assembly several of the parts have the same routings and materials.  That way I could just keep going pasting in each component then go back and change the times and qty values. 

  • William Bailey
  • May 4 2017
  • Future Consideration
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  • Denise Klosterman commented
    4 Mar, 2020 03:20pm

    Would also like the ability to copy and paste things such as Material ID when in the PO Receiving module. Currently you can only copy and paste the Description and Vendor Reference because they not only appear in the line but also above the lines with detail when you click on that line.

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