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Contact Status

Would like to update the status of individual contacts for a customer or vendor to active or inactive.

  • Anthony Hudson
  • May 4 2017
  • Developed
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  • DAWN BACK commented
    6 Feb 05:18pm

    This shows it has been merged with the idea to change the status of customer addresses and that is has been developed. I can't find where I am able to do this. Should be right in the customer area right?


    This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit JBCORE-I-45 Contact Status.

    Statuses for Customer/Vendor Address Merged

    Be able to change an Address or Contact to Inactive so it doesn't show on the drop down lists. Larger customers change over purchasing agents often and the lists become long after a while.

    • Phil Janes

    • Apr 25 2017

    • Developed