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Add email address to employee info Merged

We can auto populate subscribers in KnowledgeSync with data from employees. This is very helpful except that we don't have employee email addresses saved in Jobboss. So in reality it is useless without that info. There is an email address field in the employee_info table but I don't see that field actually in Jobboss.

  • Kim Kucserka
  • Jul 31 2020
  • Future Consideration
  • Jonathan Weaver commented
    11 Jan, 2021 03:35pm

    This is duplicate to another POST asking for Employee Email. It's a valid request.

    Be sure the field is in the Employee Table instead of having to use an expanded Custom field as the other POST suggested.

    We, too, use KnowledgeSync to notify users of activity. ( KSync is a terrific add-on if you can master it. )

    I would strongly suggest that the Email field ALSO be added to the "User Administration" tab.

    We have "Users" and we have "Employees". The Users are generally the office employees who are Indirect labor and they use the JobBOSS Client, not Workstation Driver.

    We don't create an "Employee" record for users unless they are Direct labor. For example in Accounting or Engineering. PO's are created by "user" login to JB Client, not through the Workstation Driver which is for "Employees".