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Links from SO to Job and vice-versa

When a job is created from the SO, the job number should become a link to quickly revert to the job.  Same with the Job, the SO should be easily accessible with with a link without searching backwards and at a minimum the job should call out the SO it is attached to!

Copying and pasting jobs to the job screen and vice versa is something other ERPs I have used have, it's a bunch of repetitive steps all day that eat up small chunks of time, but ultimately- a lot of time.

  • Paul Sawyer
  • May 12 2017
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  • Garth Torgeson commented
    17 Oct, 2018 07:52pm

    Having visibility of the allocation is also lacking. Overall workflow, in general, has MANY inconsistencies.


    For example, If you'd like to see the total allocation for a part - the current workflow is as follows: 

    Open yet another Module

    Sys Adm > Material (type or paste material ID) > Tab > Balance tab > click on the same icon that is in the sales order module.... 

    Just add the information that is in the Material module, or ADD another button... 

  • Shari Popejoy commented
    25 Apr, 2018 07:05pm

    Agreed. A quick-open button would be great! Also, it would be nice to be able to see which Sales Order is linked to a specific job--from the Job Module. You can see which job is linked to a Sales Order from the Supply  Tab of the Sales Order. And you can discover the linked sales order number by print previewing the Job Traveler. And you could go into ShopView to find out the Sales Order that is linked to the job--but is there anywhere you can look in the Job Module to find  out the Sales Order number that job is linked to? We try to put it in the Customer PO field, but would love for that to be automated. If data entry persons  neglect to enter that SO number in the Job field--it is kind of tricky for some users to discover the link between the two..

  • Patrick OLeary commented
    25 Apr, 2018 05:24pm

    Agreed. The link between jobs and sales orders is lacking.

  • Chris Haar commented
    22 May, 2017 05:54pm

    Yes!! This would be a massive time saver!

  • Guest commented
    18 May, 2017 07:47pm

    A hyperlink or right click to allow opening in a new window would be awesome! We lose a lot of time copying and pasting numbers that should be clickable to open in another module.