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Workflows should have an icon (similar to the number of messages you have unread on your phone) that displays whenever you have a workflow in your que instead of having to go back and forth to see if one is there. You could further carry this on into the jobs that are linked to the workflows and have an icon on that workflow button as well.

Ok, I spend a good bit of my day creating workflows on orders for one reason or another. To do this I first have to look and see if a workflow has already been created and if so, what was the response/answer. however many times when I look, there is no workflow already on the part/job/whatever. It would save me many hours a week to just be able to see a little icon much like the icon on your phones for number of emails, im, or such. This would let you know that there is something to go look at.

This would also be great to have on the main workflow button at the top to see if a workflow has been sent to you, instead of having to check them frequently.

  • Steve Daniel
  • May 4 2017
  • Likely to implement
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