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in RFQ processes , enable selecting a single supplier as the winner for all lines, eliminating the need for individual selection and addressing the inconvenience of the system returning to the first line after selecting a winner.

In RFQ (Request for Quotation) when entering vendor responses and selecting the winning supplier, would it be possible to request an improvement so that we can specify that the same supplier is the winner for all lines of the request for quotation, rather than having to select the same supplier for each individual line, which can be time-consuming when there are multiple lines? Additionally, when there are multiple lines, if we select a winning supplier for, let's say, line 5, the system always returns us to line 1, and we have to scroll down to line 6 to continue. This can be inconvenient when there are multiple lines.

  • Hajer ISSAOUI
  • Sep 21 2023
  • Future Consideration
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