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Ability to set minimum number of hours for an Operation

We have an oven operation that requires a minimum of 8 hours. We are only able to load a certain number of parts in the oven depending on the size of the parts. We use Parts Per Hour as the Run Rate Type for this Operation and set the capacity on this Work Center to schedule the number of batches and that works great, except when we have an order for less parts than we can load then we wind up with less than 8 hours and we do not allow enough time for this operation. Our method around this is to have a Knowledgesync to tell us if this operation is not allowing us to have a minimum of 8 hours. We then will set the Run Rate Type to Fixed Hours for this particular job. And this works just OK because it is time consuming and if that job gets more parts added to it at a latter time it might not all enough time in the schedule (we have almost 1900 active or pending jobs due out through the end of 2027)

  • Andy Knebel
  • Aug 31 2023
  • Future Consideration
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