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When quoting allow for extra pcs. of raw stock from pick, without using scrap percentage

When we are quoting, we would like to adjust the amount of raw stock that the calculator determines for total needed quantity. Example we are quoting 5 pcs of round bar with a length of 12". Instead of the needed quantity total being 5 feet we would like to have an extra pc of stock figured in. So 6 feet would be our needed pick quantity. Buys will allow you to adjust the required quantity, but picks will not without using scrap percentage. If we use scrap percentage it is marking up all the other costs to the job, which we would like to avoid. We only want to allow for the material lost, not labor, ect... I was just told that this is not currently allowed because of all the backend calculating on material coming from inventory.

  • Chad Ashley
  • May 1 2023
  • Future Consideration
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