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Trailing 12 Months (TTM) Income Statement

My idea is for an income statement report presented in the same layout as the standard Income Statement - Spread report. However, instead of the report running for a fixed 12-month fiscal year (either current or last), the report should run for trailing 12 months based on a date entered by the user. The problem with the Income Statement - Spread version of the report is this: when a company moves into a new fiscal year, the user loses history of the months that fall in the previous fiscal year.

For example: a reporting year ends on 12/31. When an Income Statement – Spread is run for the month ended 1/31/23, the user will see only January 2023, with no reference to previous months making trend or comparative analysis impossible.

Ideally, a user should be able to run a trailing 12 months (TTM) report as of 1/31/23 and see that month and the previous 11 months going back to February 2022. A mock-up of the TTM income statement is shown in the attached Excel file. I have some other formatting preferences I’ve included in the attached file.

  • Joe Lipiec
  • Mar 9 2023
  • Future Consideration
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