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Allow Time-Entry Date to Default to Today's Date or Be Set via Preferences

Our users do Time Entry entries through Labor Reporting>Time Entry on the same day that the entry is for. Frustratingly though, the Time Entry date defaults to yesterday's date.

This happens even when it is a Monday, and despite the fact that all of our Shifts (System Administration>Shift) are properly defined and do not have Sunday marked as a Work Day.

Users most often do not notice that the date is wrong in Time Entry and this creates a disparity between the Time Entry date and time and related JobBOSS transactions. For example, when a Job's operation is closed via Time Entry on a Monday, the date of the operation closing shown in Job Change History correctly shows as Monday, but the Time Entry shows as Sunday. These types of data inaccuracies can, and have, caused confusion when reviewing historical data.

I expected that the date being offset by -1 was simply a preference that could be changed, but after working with support I have discovered that it is not.

So I would like to suggest a Preference be added that either allows a customizable date offset to be set for Time Entry, with 0 being an acceptable offset, or at least an option to default Time Entry to today's date. A bonus would be allowing this Preference be set as a Company-Wide default, but allowing Employee/User specific overrides.

An additional bonus, would be the ability to have the Time Entry date offset be based on either Calendar Days, or Work Days (as defined in System Administration>Shifts).

Examples - The Time Entry date offset is set to -1, and you are doing an entry in Time Entry on a Monday:

If set to Work Days, and Monday - Friday are the defined working days, the date would default to the previous Friday.

If set to Calendar Days, the date would default to Sunday, the previous day.

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  • Mar 8 2023
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