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External Notes Field for Miscellaneous Materials

We often buy a lot of completely custom materials that need a lot of verbiage. A good example would be a steel burnout with custom dimensions that requires stress relief and grinding to specific flatness and parallelism requirements.

Presently, when this item is added to a quote or a job, the only notes fields available are INTERNAL. So the user can add the notes to this field and they'll be on the traveler, but when an RFQ or a Purchase Order is done, they typically do not come through to those external documents. So the buyer might THINK that they've quoted a ready-to-machine burnout, but the supplier didn't see those notes and it will be too late once the material arrives, plus there will be costs that have not been accounted for.

In discussing this with tech support, my understand is that on the quote side, the internal notes field will not propagate through to the RFQ or PO. However, I'm told that the internal notes field for a JOB will go through even though it's not supposed to. The tech I spoke to considered this a defect, not a feature. However, when I asked her what the method was for communicating these requirements on a misc material, she said that there isn't one. Hence, here's the idea submission.

In the fields below, I don't know how to convey a percentage for impact. However, with the present scenario, it's up to the person entering the quote to manually add the text notes to the supplier on an RFQ or PO. This is a 2-step human process and if forgotten, can lead to lost time and cost overruns.

  • Tadd Swanson
  • Mar 10 2021
  • Future Consideration
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