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Raw Material Off cut lengths

We've been having a few issues where in our raw material stocks we have a few off cuts which end up being added to the total length of that items stock levels. It ends up stuffing us up because we see in JobBOSS there will be say 6 meter of tubing in stock, a job required one 3 meter length, uncut, however in reality we are currently holding three 2 meter length which add to that 6 meter total in the system.

Would it be possible to in raw stock be able to have individual length where we can see this, so in this instant it would say we have 6 meters in stock, however only in three 2 meter length. which would flag the item for purchasing to order another length for this job because currently, Would need to be able to be seen in Data collection when the item is being picked they might be able to also pick a specific length and pick against the specific length, which in turn should update that individual length/

  • Robert Lamont
  • Nov 18 2020
  • Already exists
  • Dec 2, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Robert - thanks for submitting your idea! The capability for doing this exists in the system as you can return the material as a different size/ID. Most customers will create categories such as "2-4ft", "4-6ft", etc. to indicate the returned lengths.

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  • Josh Ogaard commented
    21 Dec, 2020 09:13pm

    Hi Robert,

    With Raw Stock as you’ve noticed there are stock items and sizes.
    The Stock Items are the ‘constants’ of the materials, For example, Alloy, Thickness, Diameter, wall thickness etc.

    For each of these you can have multiple sizes. For example, if you have a 50 mm tube made of 6061 Aluminum tube with a 5 MM wall thickness. You may be able to buy this 2, 4, 6 meter sizes.

    Within JobBOSS you can purchase/pick to the job at one length and return off the job to another, which would technically be a different material size/ID number (Material Control>>Pick Material)

    You can find information in the JobBOSS Help as well on this topic. “Returning Other Sizes of Material from a Job to Inventory”

    With your example given, when you transfer back at the same size it looks like you have one 6 meter piece rather than have than three 2 Meter pieces. If you had an ID for 2 meter pieces you could have transferred back into the other size. We created this functionality in part for this situation.

    Granted there may be Infinity possibilities for the sizing of drops. We usually recommend creating the sizes you find acceptable. Like you may want to go with 1m sections or .5m sections (Created when you need them, no need to do this up front). For example you may have a 1, 2, 3 meter sizes. And the amount in there we know is about that size. In the 1 meter would be 1 or greater, but less than 2. 2 meter is greater than 2 but less than 3 meters and so on.

    If you’d like additional information, you may want to contact support or consulting if more in depth discussion is needed.


  • Robert Lamont commented
    2 Dec, 2020 07:27pm

    Good day Omar

    Thank you for your response on this idea, Is it possible to go into a little more detail, as I’m not quite sure how you mean by this and weather it would even work for us.

    Kind Regards

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