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Have a Material Type of Customer Owned for the Material Module

We have parts that are owned by the customer and and we need to have them in our inventory for tracability purposes. We have to have work-arounds in Jobboss to account for this properly.

  • Andy Knebel
  • Apr 20 2020
  • Future Consideration
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  • John Novo commented
    19 Jan 01:43pm

    This would be great for us here as well!! We are also maintaining reserved customer stock. Our major customer maintains stock here, (pre-paid), and we put it into our standard inventory module. As a work-around right now, we put a prefix to the "location" field (Bin#) and then we can search or filter by this. We have given access to that customer so that they can track their stock in our system. The downside, however is that they can also view ALL our inventory, which is not the best practice. If you could also enhance this request a bit more:

    ** Please allow ability to assign a link to the customer from the customer file to the Inventory part, and then also apply permissions for that customer to only see their linked parts in the inventory file.