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Flag for when a traveler has been printed

Add a flag (checkbox) that designates if a job traveler has been printed. Without a flag it's possible to overlook printing a traveler. The checkbox can be labeled "PRINTED ?" in the job entry general tab and will be clear when making a job but checked automatically after the job has been printed. Also add a column to the job search window so we can see what jobs are printed.

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  • May 25 2017
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  • Roger Profitt commented
    7 Nov, 2022 07:12pm

    And by who

  • Guest commented
    14 Jan, 2021 06:37pm

    or a Last printed: (and date) this way you can see the last printing.

  • Garth Torgeson commented
    17 Oct, 2018 07:31pm

    We know that the job has been reviewed for accuracy, material ordered / received, scheduled & printed when the release date field is populated.

  • Karen Scott commented
    9 Aug, 2018 05:43pm

    I have been saying this for years!!!!  We used the old DOS version of JobBOSS and this was a feature that was included.  We have missed it since 2002 when we switched to the Windows version of JobBOSS.  Such a simple thing but saves a lot of time looking all over the shop for a Traveler that was never printed!!!

  • Michael David commented
    30 Mar, 2018 12:12am

    What we do is add it as the first work center operation; again, not automatic but gets us by. We also use the dashboard so this also keeps the job from showing up at the first work center before it is ready.

  • David Rockwell commented
    27 Jul, 2017 05:55pm

    We use one of the custom fields in job entry for this. It's a good work around, though not automatic.