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add option to use "make quantity" as Default quantity for Groups

The purpose behind grouping appears to be to eliminate the need for employees to duplicate efforts by logging in once and then the data is split between the orders that are grouped when log off.

This is pretty much DEFEATED when they then have to enter the quantity data for each job

That’s why the “make quantity" from the Job should be an option for the Default

If there was a scrap qty, that would be the exception and that qty changed before submitting versus entering quantities for 30 or 40 jobs

Based on what is stated below & to accommodate the above; should be an option to “use default qtys”

Because below justification only justifies for some instances not necessarily the majority of

""""What i mean is that JobBOSS is not designed to automatically load a quantity in Time Entry. It is defaulted to 0pcs because JobBOSS will not assume that the machine time produced any parts. This is important for jobs with a make qty of 1pcs because there may be 15+ time entries recorded for a single operation but never have a quantity produced until the 16th time entry against it. JobBOSS doesn't default to a qty because if it did, there may be more issues with people recording qty's that were never actually produced, so it loads a 0pcs instead of a defaulted Job value.""""""""

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  • Mar 3 2020
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