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Percent Efficient

Looking for a way for our employees to enter % efficient when capturing data on a job.  i.e. When an employee is learning on the job, they are not expected to be fully efficient, however when we audit the job later, it looks like did a really poor job of estimating labor (or might imply we should increase the labor needed , next time around).  Would be great if the manager had the flexibility to set the % efficiency for the employee by job either before or after the fact. 

  • Cristy Richards
  • Oct 10 2018
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  • Benjamin Koestler commented
    8 Jun, 2020 01:38pm

    What if my Estimated time is incorrect? How can I track my % efficiency to the actual machine cycle time or programmed cycle time?

  • Cristy Richards commented
    5 Mar, 2020 05:44pm

    I'm looking for something that the employee can enter when recording time, or something that the manager can enter, when reviewing time.

    Also, would like to be able to assign where the inneficient hours are billed - i.e. can we bill it to the job, but to another workcenter designated as "training".

  • Admin
    Logan Paquin commented
    4 Sep, 2019 07:11pm

    Hi Cristy,

    Efficiency % can be adjusted on the job within JobBOSS. Decreasing efficiency will increase estimated time to cover/capture the estimated time that an employee who is new to a process may experience.